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Wenche Sortebogen

Psychologist with psychotherapy. Private practice

My background

I have my degree from the University of Oslo 1987. This is a six year fulltime professional study program.

My main field of interest is Psychodynamic thinking, early on especially Carl Gustav Jung. My theoretical basis today includes Object Relational and Relational Psychoanalysis, as well Mentalization.

I have had a long standing interest in Transpersonal Psychology and Buddhist philosophy and meditation . My thesis was on consciousness and consciousness development in the light of Transpersonal Psychology.

I also have a four year psychodynamic psychotherapy training, at the Institute for Psychotherapy here in Oslo. I completed this in 2001. I am a training therapist and supervisor at the Institute. More about Institute for Psychotherapy at

This training entails extensive personal therapy and supervision on one’s own work.  Given my background I do not work much with techniques, I am more concerned with understanding, insight and meaning. In my experience this kind of work has great transformative potential.

I have been over 30 years in full time private practice. I have therefore worked with all age groups  from teenagers to seniors and  with a great variety of issues.

I view my ongoing professional development as essential, and attend seminars, lectures and conferences regularly. 

Contact details

To make an appointment or other inquiries you can leave a message on my answering machine
Tel. 9226 8440*


*I can be reached on the phone every Monday and Wednesday  between 12:00 and 12:30.

You can also mail me at*

*Beware that the internet is not completely secure regarding confidential information.

My address is 
Odins gt. 27, 0266 Oslo

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