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Wenche Sortebogen

Psychologist with psychotherapy. Private practice

Experienced psychotherapist – doctor’s referral is not necessary. Central location, Oslo.

There are many reasons for seeking a psychologist or psychotherapist - 

Are there things in your life you are curious about, things you would like to explore, or improve your mastery of?
Perhaps you have more deeply rooted  problems?
Are you are suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety  or  restlessness?
Maybe you struggling with depression, insomnia, or eating disorders?
Are you experiencing a life crisis?
Maybe you are a couple in need of counseling?

I am bilingual and I work with many issues and types of psychological problems.

Contact details

To make an appointment or other inquiries you can leave a message on my answering machine
Tel. 9226 8440*


*I can be reached on the phone every Monday and Wednesday between 12:00 and 12:30.

You can also mail me at*

*Beware that the internet is not completely secure regarding confidential information.

My address is 
Odins gt. 27, 0266 Oslo

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